Indicator- Electronic airflow monitoring

It might be nice to have someone helping and telling you when the filter needs to be replaced. With our sensor, Indicator Model PI, you can get just that , so you easily now when the air filter needs to be replaced.

Racoon Miljöfilter AB indicator

Electronic airflow monitoring from Racoon Miljöfilter AB.

Our sensor is calibrated to work with our air filter and your machine, so that it always gives you the right results when measuring the system. When the air filter starts to reach its maximum capacity, the sensor gives an indication, so you will know it´s time to change the filter. Electronic monitoring makes it very easy to plan for service and filter change.

The PI filter indicator does not require any expensive changes or installations, and it is can be installed in both new and existing systems. The unit is easily mounted and the monitoring starts automatically after it´s connected and ventilation is in operation.

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