Air filter

With our air filters you are guaranteed to clean the microscopically harmful particles and gases that may occur in your environment. Each filter we manufacture and its features are tailored to work in just that environment and in the machine or business in which you are located.

Two variants of finished filters mounted in frame.

Our air filters are based on a patented construction that is the result of several years of testing in close collaboration with researchers and environmental experts. Today we manufacture air filters in several sizes and dimensions, making it easy to adapt our filters to the machine or equipment you use. With our filters, you can be sure to be safe from the particles and gases you need protection from.

The filter elements are made up of several layers of foam, which provides the filter with a high efficiency protection. With a combination of time, pressure and heat, we can give each filter specific properties. This way we can customize the filter to protect you from the particles and gases that exists in your environment.

With our filters you can be safe from both particles and gases,  in on one and the same filter element. We are alone in the world to offer htat solution, all thanks to our unique manufacturing process. For installation in a machine, this becomes both simpler and more economical compared to filters from other manufacturers, where they need to build large applications to be somewhat close our filtration. We primarily use the machine’s own ventilation system – OEM fit.

Is it cold, heat or moisture in your environment? Well, then you have no choice but to use Racoon’s filters. What makes our filters even more special is that they work even in real environments, under real circumstances, far away from controlled environments, like labs. Competitive manufacturers may in some cases show similar degree of purification in a lab environment under controlled conditions, but they struggle when used in reality.  We just don´t say this to be cool and stand out, we have proved it under 20 years now.

The unique features of our air filters:

High degree of purification:

  • EN779 (Minimum F9 in all our filters).
  • EN1822 (Hepa) with 95-99.5% purification.


  • EN149 (P1-P3).

Water resistant:

  • The filter material bumps out moisture.

Temperatures down to -50 degrees celsius:

  • Our filter is designed to meet NATO’s cold demand down to -50 degrees.

Fire resistant/Non flammable:

  • Are you looking for a fireproof filter? No problem. We manufacture filters that can meet the requirements ULH 94HF, FMV22302 or Far Part 25 standard.


  • Our filters are designed to withstand high vibration (test FMV). Meets NATO’s pressure and explosion requirements up to 9G.

You will find our air filters in a variety of machines and applications. Including:

  • Trucks
  • Minesweeper
  • Forestry
  • Harvesters
  • Forwarders
  • Ventilation rooms
  • Excavators above and below ground
  • Cars
  • Fireproof rooms
  • Shelter

Crystal Cleantech logoCrystal Cleantech is a technology that we have developed at Racoon Miljöfilter AB and use in our manufacturing process.  This process gives the filter specific abilities to purify air from certain particles, gases, spores and bacteria.

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