External unit

1Sometimes your machine needs to be equipped with an external unit to clean the air. Either to create a higher airflow, or to complement your air conditioning system. We have the perfect unit you need to do it.

Close-up of our external unit for exterior mounting.

Our unit is a smooth and easy solution for those who need a system on the outside to purify air before it enters the cab. Our units comes equipped with a well-functioning fan and the filters you need to clean the air in your environment. As with all our filter products, the filters is customized to function in your enviroment.

The external unit is small and easy to mount on a machine, or place in a room, not to mention affordable if you compare with similar solutions. Today, they are used almost exclusively on machines, but we see an increasing amount be used in wax sheeds to protect from fluorescent substances.

Crystal Cleantech logoCrystal Cleantech is a technology that we have developed at Racoon Miljöfilter AB and use in our manufacturing process.  This process gives the filter specific abilities to purify air from certain particles, gases, spores and bacteria.

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