Our filter technique

With the right pressure and heat, during a certain time, that´s how we manufacture our air filters to remove the specific particles and gases your environment demands.

Machine used for production of filter.

We can determine the characteristics of our filter material through the combination of time, pressure and heat. First, we add a special fluid to the material we use. Then we treat the material under a certain time with the right amount of microwave heat. When this is done, the material obtains a sticky cell, which increases the absorption capacity of the dangerous particles.

Using microwaves in our manufacturing-process is something that we have developed in collaboration with researchers and environmental experts for several years, and something we are alone in the world to use.

Crystal Cleantech:

Crystal Cleantech logoCrystal Cleantech is a technology that we have developed at Racoon Miljöfilter AB and use in our manufacturing process.  This process gives the filter specific abilities to purify air from certain particles, gases, spores and bacteria.

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