We are now live in Australia

Hurray! Finally we are on the Australian market. Together with the Perth-based company Equipment Placement, our filters will be introduced to the Australian mining market.

It is just over a year since we visited Australia and explored the market. A visit where many companies and mining companies got the first glimpse of what our air filters can do. Interest was high and we could easily sell filters already there. However, it is now clear that our filters are in place. It is the great company Equipment Placement that will offer our filters in the country.

Already during the first talks with Equipment Placement, it was clear that they are a company with a keen interest and high service as well as customer knowledge. Their great interest, how they work today and that they both know how the Australian mining market works and can service the whole, is something that felt extraordinarily good.  One more thing is that just like Racoon, it is a family business.

We look forward with excitement to what we, together with Equipment Placement, can achieve about health and safety on the australian market.

Next year will start at full speed.

International Mining on the present and future of Racoon

The global magazine International Mining recently conducted an interview with Racoon which has now been published in their May issue.

Now our filters are also available for Albach chippers

After Per Carlsson, dealer of Albach wood chippers in Sweden, contacted us in the hope of improving the working environment for drivers of wood chippers, we can now deliver a filter that ensures that you can work safely and securely in this difficult environment.

Historical environmental scandal is cleaned up with Racoon’s help

BT Kemi in Teckomatorp is known as Sweden’s biggest environmental scandal. Now it is being decontaminated and to protect the machine operators, our air filters are used. Maskinkanalen visited the area to talk about safety.

We are strengthening the board and adding additional support

We are now adding another person to the board who we are convinced will both develop and strengthen our position in the market. We welcome Urban Holmlund, Urban Holmlund Konsult AB to the board.

In addition, lawyer Magnus Lindblom at the law firm Kaiding will support us in matters concerning agreements, business agreements and other legal issues.

Från vänster: Advokat Magnus Lindblom, Advokatbyrån Kaiding. Ole Kristian Skauan, Nasta AS och Urban Holmlund, Urban Holmlund Konsult AB.

Summation of the year 2018

We are starting to see the end of 2018. One year that has been hectic to all of us at Racoon, but oh so fun. We have begun a venture on a new market for us, Australia. A market that is not only huge for our products and solutions, but a market that sought after our solutions for a long time. The time could not have been better.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven visited our factory in February 2018.

Sweden’s prime minister impressed

On February 20, Stefan Löfven, Swedish Prime Minister and Social Democrats party chairman visited us to listen and talk about innovation and look at our products and manufacturing.

Stefan Löfven, Sveriges statsminister och Olle Sydlén, VD och grundare av Racoon Miljöfilter AB.

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