Summation of the year 2018

We are starting to see the end of 2018. One year that has been hectic to all of us at Racoon, but oh so fun. We have begun a venture on a new market for us, Australia. A market that is not only huge for our products and solutions, but a market that sought after our solutions for a long time. The time could not have been better.

The next big moment was the visit of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. His interest in our air filters, how it all started and how we work today was nice to see. Even his reaction when we talked about our water purification, which offers solutions no one else in the world has. The visit was my personal highlight and something that gives credit on what I tried to achieve during the 26 years I developed these unique products.

Talking about water purification, it’s rolling. We have recently shipped a new unit under the subsidiary SwedisH2O. Here are many exciting plans. We know Australia and Canada want our solution. More on this in in 2019.

Sales continue steadily upwards. We notice that air quality, not breathing hazardous particles or gases is taken more seriously, not only by employers, but also by its staff, who in some cases refused to work unless our filters are in the machine. They are afraid of their lungs. That’s what I’m calling good grades.

We have received a new corporate governance representative, Ole Kristian Skauan, Product Manager at Nasta AS. With his experience in the industry and the contacts he has, he will help Racoon to take further steps. I have worked with Ole Kristian many years, and today I consider him a good friend.

A new CEO who succeeds me begun this year. My son Kristoffer has been at Racoon for almost a year now. A year filled up to the wide range of activities. It is not easy to come in as CEO in such a niche industry and in a small company. But I am completely convinced that the continuation is very bright and Kristoffer will add dimensions we did not previously have in Racoon. Something I noticed during all the meetings and presentations he held in Australia.

We have also celebrated 20 years. Imagine what has happened since the start of 1998. What a trip. But I will summarize it another time. Now I want to give you a sneak peek what’s coming.

In 2019 at least one new product will be launched. A product we worked with during this year. A product that will protect people even more from hazardous air. With some luck, another product will also come. But it’s only if we have the time.

I would like to thank you for all the cooperation in 2018. All customers and interested. Now we are aiming for 2019 and for us that will be a very exciting year. I’m wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year already.

Kind regards,
Olle Sydlén
Racoon Miljöfilter AB

We are now live in Australia

Hurray! Finally we are on the Australian market. Together with the Perth-based company Equipment Placement, our filters will be introduced to the Australian mining market.

Olle och Kristoffer pratar om våra filter med två besökare på Swedish Mining Initiative i Perth.

Sweden’s prime minister impressed

On February 20, Stefan Löfven, Swedish Prime Minister and Social Democrats party chairman visited us to listen and talk about innovation and look at our products and manufacturing.

Stefan Löfven, Sveriges statsminister och Olle Sydlén, VD och grundare av Racoon Miljöfilter AB.

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