Our history

The family’s microwave was pulled out of the kitchen into the garage in the middle of the night when Olle Sydlén suddenly woke up with a crazy idea. The following morning Olle had revolutionized the air filter industry.

Olle Sydlén with the microwave that started it all.

Olle Sydlén with the microwave that started it all.

Olle not only managed to improve the absorption capacity of particles and gases, but also the manufacturing process, a process Racoon Miljöfilter AB is the only one in the world to use.

The idea behind Racoon Miljöfilter AB came when Olle Sydlen visited an environmental fair in Birmingham in 1992. There he got the chance to see how Ferrari worked with quality control of the car’s filters. Impressed by how carefully they controlled all filters and their quality, Olle decided to engage in the filter industry and develop air filters which not only purifies the air from particles, but also gases.

Five years of experiment using the family’s microwave in the garage followed, which gave remarkable results. A filter which could withstand vibrations, moisture and cold, that also was very effective against particles and gases was developed. Under the manufacturing process, using microwaves, the filter developed an ability to pick up gases that other manufacturers still can´t do. All this is delivered in one filter element, which is unique. During this period of development, Olle spent six months in one of LKAB’s mines to research filter materials that could handle the most harsh and dangerous environments.

In 1998, Racoon Miljöfilter AB started its manufacturing industry in Skellefteå and supplied filters for trucks, buses and big occupational vehicles.

After moving to Sikeå in 2006, Racoon moved into new renovated premises in Robertsfors 2016 to further develop their air filters. Also the production of the latest innovation started, a mobile water treatment system that can get really contaminated water, for example with petroleum, drinkable.

Today, filters are delivered to all kinds of industries, but the largest part still goes to mining and forestry machinery.

Some of our great clients are:

  • LKAB
  • Boliden
  • Volvo
  • Komatsu
  • Sandvik mining
  • Pon Cat

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