Racoon Miljöfilter AB

We clean the air you breathe


Our goal is for everyone to be able to work in an environment free of dangerous particles and gases.


Our unique 2-in-1 filter combination gives you a simple and economical solution.


Custom filters in all different sizes and dimensions, adapted to your environment.

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Air filter

Protect yourself against both particles and gases in one and the same filter, a unique filter combination in a class of its own. 


Our sensor tells you when the filter has reached its maximum capacity and should be replaced. The perfect helper for a safe working environment.

External unit

Does your machine lack the right overpressure and protection? We have units with fans and the filters you need for your work environment.

About us at Racoon Miljöfilter AB

Racoon Miljöfilter AB is a small family business located in Robertsfors, approximately six miles north of Umeå, which over the course of 20 years has successively advanced the positions when it comes to cleaning the air free from particles, bacteria, spores and gases.

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A pioneer in air filter technology

It started with an idea and the family’s microwave. It ended up with a world-leading technology for air purification and a manufacturing process unlike anything else. Racoon Miljöfilter AB will continue the quest of clean air, so that everyone can be safe in their environment. We believe that clean air should be a matter of course.

Racoon Miljöfilter AB always strives to deliver the product that your business needs, and we never compromise when it comes to quality. With our burning passion and the high technical knowledge in air purification, we can manufacture and develop filter applications according to your wishes. We tailor your air filters.

At present, our filters is primarily used for vehicles and machinery. But our filters is also starting to be used in other areas, such as ventilation for buildings and rooms.

Some of our most common areas of activity:

  • Mining industry
  • Forest industry
  • Waste and recycling industry
  • Chemical and technical industry
  • Defense industry

Our filters are most commonly used to clean the air for machine drivers which operates in very demanding and dangerous environments, where the cab and air purification are its only protection. Therefor it is vital to purify the air from the outside as it enters the machines cab.

Are you facing other challenges and need help with air purification? We can help you. Do not hesitate to Contact us We will find the right solutions for you.

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